Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What is This?

Close-up of the character and its double.  Did this guy skip though time to leave a double exposure?

Contrast enhanced

The color Negative

The raw image

Almost daily I receive images/photographs sent to me for my opinion about: a)chemtrails b) odd cloud shapes or formations and c)orbs-ufo's or other odd aerial phenomena. This constitutes some 75% of the mail that reaches my in-box.  The legit mail that is... The blizzard of spam is just un-godly and I'm certain some necessary correspondence has been  lost in that unnecessary barrage of junk.

This photograph is quite unlike anything I've ever seen! I've had it for the better part of a year now and the location of the 'event-sighting' doesn't really matter because if 'it' can happen on one location here on Earth, then all locations may have already had this visitor.

For sometime now I've been operating under the assumption that the chemtrail program, in addition to the weather modification activities, plays an incremental part in the ongoing military 'interactions' with visitors from off world.

The ufo issue is no secret, the who and the why they are here, remain national security issues for dubious reasons.

Time and time again these chemtrails are seen and photographed with ufos/orbs and-or life forms aka 'critters' that take up residence in the atmosphere and/or in space as so often seen in NASA footage.

But this photograph is unique.  

This photograph's imagery harkens back, strongly, to Egyptian themes.    

But again, what sort of object (ship) in the sky is this?  

Are the 'Gods' of aeons past still with us, directing the major affairs of the world?

This point must be considered.

I am very interested in what a photoshop expert can tease out of the raw image.  I played with it a little, as you can see, but there are details that are yet to be revealed. 


Thursday, January 01, 2009