Thursday, November 27, 2008

More Active Chemtrail-ing

October begins the very active weather season for the mid-latitudes and that means more active, even aggressive, weather manipulation.  A sure sign that the weather makers are hard at work is the appearance of chemtrails in the Autumn sky.

If a chemtrail remains visible, for an extended period of time, then it is of the 'mark-and-observe' variety.  

The time lapse video below is of two days, November 21 & 22 2008 of the skies over Northern Colorado.  If you'd like head over to youtube, click on the watch higher quality version, and enjoy the ariel show!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,



Anonymous said...

I'm up here in Ohio, kinda funny to see this post. I lied in bed yesterday and watched the sky with my lady from out skylites. She pointed out a number of lingering X's in the sky. There has been a number of them and other lingering contrails the past day or so.

Anonymous said...

I like the song :)

Anonymous said...

On 11.24 the sky here where I live were criss crossed with chem trails. Two days later (11/26) we had the most spectacular scaler clouds I have ever seen. Took lots of pictures and would love to share them.

William Mark Spann said...

Hey Scott,

I know you and your webmaster are in process of getting your regular WeatherWars site back online, but in the meantime will you be updating this BlogSpot site until then? The reason I am asking is with all the geo-political distractions and economic turmoil newstories in the Mainstream Media hitting new all time highs, I have that funny feeling that the globalists weather engineers are just warming up the engine right now, over North America, but they're just about ready to shove the sucker into high gear and overdrive in turbo-booster mode. Just from looking at some of the generic radar and satellite imagery over the past week or so, I see little subtle signs of a winter-weather pattern (program ?) being initiated over the Central Plains eastward and southward over the Cental and Upper midwest.....something very strange and very big seems to be brewing over the heartland, I just can't put my finger on what they have up their sleeve just over the time horizon.

Any Ideas what they're up to, Scott?

Would very much like to get your analysis of what you think may be brewing...... that I'm only seeing glimpses of....

Mark Spann

chilejack said...

I agree....the song is cool! The boys in the skies have been xtra busy here in Arizona lately.