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This, my friends, is the primary reason we see so many lasting contrails in the skies today. They are needed by the weather engineers to keep tabs, to measure, and to align and calibrate the tens of thousands of acoustic nodes active at any one moment across the United States and the rest of the planet.

A very common misperception is that only the long lasting chemtrails are indeed chemtrails while the smaller, shorter, quickly dissipating trails are of commercial air traffic. It is true that these aircraft leaving the short(er) trails are possibly of commercial origin but often times they are still (knowingly?) leaving behind a blanket of aerosols/nano-particles in the sky as they ferry their passengers from point to point. These aerosols and very fine metallic powders infuse the sky with a resultant shimmering iridescence that, when viewed from spacecraft or other properly equipped airborne aircraft through the proper spectral wavelength, display these active nodes in all their glory.


Iridescent clouds activated by acoustic waves. Eastern Idaho 2005

Acoustic node calibration using a moving source
Cevher, V.; McClellan, J.H.
Aerospace and Electronic Systems, IEEE Transactions on
Volume 42, Issue 2, April 2006 Page(s): 585 - 600
Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/TAES.2006.1642574

Summary: Acoustic nodes, each containing an array of microphones, can track targets in x-y space from their received acoustic signals, if the node positions and orientations are known exactly. However, it is not always possible to deploy the nodes precisely, so a calibration phase is needed to estimate the position and the orientation of each node before doing any tracking or localization. An acoustic node can be calibrated from sources of opportunity such as beacons or a moving source. We derive and compare several calibration methods for the case where the node can hear a moving source whose position can be reported back to the node. Because calibration from a moving source is, in effect, the dual of a tracking problem; methods derived for acoustic target trackers are used to obtain robust and high resolution acoustic calibration processes. For example, two direction-of-arrival-based calibration methods can be formulated based on combining angle estimates, geometry, and the motion dynamics of the moving source. In addition, a maximum likelihood (ML) solution is presented using a narrowband acoustic observation model along with a Newton-based search algorithm that speeds up the calculation the likelihood surface. The Cramer-Rao lower bound (CRLB) on the node position estimates is also derived to show that the effect of position errors for the moving source on the estimated node position is much less severe than the variance in angle estimates from the microphone array. The performance of the calibration algorithms is demonstrated on synthetic and field data.

That being said, are these chemtrail planes equipped to find, and precisely so apparently, these moving acoustic nodes that are now largely responsible for the worlds manipulated weather?

These chemtrail flights are an absolute requirement for the weather engineers to maintain their hold on our weather. These trails can be used precisely to align the airborne wave generators to get the desired resonate effect in the atmosphere where these warplanes fly.



These planes MUST not be noticed as anything but your typical ‘big ole jet airliner’ running the paying passengers from here to there or it would look like a war is going on overhead. Sad thing is, there is a war going on overhead. The population has been so lulled into such a pharmaceutical deep sleep that they are CLUELESS that the planet’s environmental processes have been wholly hijacked.

Weather is the new terrorism.

Remember, the best weapon is a secret weapon. Let weather control be a secret no more. Look up and see what is going on just over your heads. Please for your own well being inform yourself.

Chemtrails marking up the sky just before sundown-- 2006

Massive weather engineering off the UK’s western coast directing an inbound storm away/northward from northwestern Europe—circa 2003

I am still seeking a better understanding of the chemtrail flight logistics.

I really would like to hear from more commercial and freight ferrying pilots. Are you seeing aircraft out of place? Are aircraft flying outside of the well worn airways? Do you have complete control of your aircrafts heading and altitude at all times? I am curious about 5, 10, or 15,000 plus pound pallets of ‘gear’ that just shows up to be carried along for the ride? It’s a weight and balance issue.

Surely the ATC (air traffic control) guys and gals the world over see each and every one of these flights. ( I hope). I would like to hear personal stories, or are non-disclosure agreements in place for all of these Federal Aviation employees?

I have seen FedEx, UPS, American, Alaska, LOTS of United, Northwest, Southwest Airlines plus Allegiant Air flights participating in these activities. In considering the world over, I doubt few airlines could be operating without a financial subsidy for their secrecy, payload availability, increased airport traffic hassles and the many other related costs.

What’s going on up there just isn’t a secret anymore. However, the logistics of the ground operations still greatly intrigues me.

Scott Stevens --summer 2007

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