Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What is This?

Close-up of the character and its double.  Did this guy skip though time to leave a double exposure?

Contrast enhanced

The color Negative

The raw image

Almost daily I receive images/photographs sent to me for my opinion about: a)chemtrails b) odd cloud shapes or formations and c)orbs-ufo's or other odd aerial phenomena. This constitutes some 75% of the mail that reaches my in-box.  The legit mail that is... The blizzard of spam is just un-godly and I'm certain some necessary correspondence has been  lost in that unnecessary barrage of junk.

This photograph is quite unlike anything I've ever seen! I've had it for the better part of a year now and the location of the 'event-sighting' doesn't really matter because if 'it' can happen on one location here on Earth, then all locations may have already had this visitor.

For sometime now I've been operating under the assumption that the chemtrail program, in addition to the weather modification activities, plays an incremental part in the ongoing military 'interactions' with visitors from off world.

The ufo issue is no secret, the who and the why they are here, remain national security issues for dubious reasons.

Time and time again these chemtrails are seen and photographed with ufos/orbs and-or life forms aka 'critters' that take up residence in the atmosphere and/or in space as so often seen in NASA footage.

But this photograph is unique.  

This photograph's imagery harkens back, strongly, to Egyptian themes.    

But again, what sort of object (ship) in the sky is this?  

Are the 'Gods' of aeons past still with us, directing the major affairs of the world?

This point must be considered.

I am very interested in what a photoshop expert can tease out of the raw image.  I played with it a little, as you can see, but there are details that are yet to be revealed. 


Thursday, January 01, 2009

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Amerika Now

We've just had a "live-birth."

The broadcast media project that has been circling around me for the past 2-years has finally begun... It is in the form of a 3-hour radio program that will run, for now, a minimum of 5 days a week, and 7 days a week is becoming more likely as the product continues to evolve and mature.

Right now, myself, Scooter McGee and Barb, are the show's three co-hosts and can be heard from 9-Midnight MST on 1310am KFKA  Visit the home page of KFKA and hit the listen live link.   Weekend shows will air on 710am KNUS Denver, the time slot is in flux but is slated to be from 5-8pm Mountain.

Amerika Now will also be streamed live at ustream.tv.  Joins us here and jump into the chat room so you can share your views and opinions of what's going on in today's world with all who have gathered together to share.

Come and join the nightly discussion with us.

As the workflow quickly matures from this project, mp3's of the nightly guests will be available here, and at amerikanow.com within 18 hours of the shows end, and often times much quicker than even that.

Tonight's guest is Stanton Friedman famed UFO researcher.

--Scott Stevens

Thursday, November 27, 2008

More Active Chemtrail-ing

October begins the very active weather season for the mid-latitudes and that means more active, even aggressive, weather manipulation.  A sure sign that the weather makers are hard at work is the appearance of chemtrails in the Autumn sky.

If a chemtrail remains visible, for an extended period of time, then it is of the 'mark-and-observe' variety.  

The time lapse video below is of two days, November 21 & 22 2008 of the skies over Northern Colorado.  If you'd like head over to youtube, click on the watch higher quality version, and enjoy the ariel show!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,


Sunday, November 23, 2008

weatherwars.info servers remain DOWN

My web site weatherwars.info remains down at the present time.  A note as to the reason why from my hosting company, ait.com:

Hello and thank you for contacting AIT. You will need to upgrade your account as the mysql connections are causing issues for other customers. The services have been shut off to protect the server from shutting down and not allowing other customer issues. The up grade will need to be to a reseller 3 so that you are on your own machine and it can handle the mysql processes. If you would like to schedule the upgrade please contact us via phone 877-209-5184. Once we know that you would like to upgrade we can restore service to allow you to back up the files and then upgrade your plan. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us. We GREATLY apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for being a valued AIT Customer!

Please be sure to rate this ticket, as your rating will let me know if I need to improve or if the issue was corrected. If the response you receive from me in a ticket or conversation is not satisfactory, please contact me so that I can have a chance to rectify the situation and receive your satisfactory rating of a 3.

Adam Murphy
AIT CTM/Abuse Operations Manager
Sales ID #297
AIT, Inc. 

SO... Because there was NO warning that my contracted hosting services would be ENDED, I, along with my webmaster, are in the process of securing an additional location and hosting company for the 'database' of weatherwars’ past articles and postings.  My desire is that even the material that dates back to 2004 will be included in this new database.  Much of that older material was subsequently lost to Russian hackers and would/will require many hours to reconstitute.

Many of the images presently contained in the posts below link back to the old weatherwars.info hosting server, so they will remain missing until the database goes live once again.  My apologies for the annoyance!

I have borne a great financial and personal expense for the continuation of this project.  The greatest being the loss of my TV job back in the fall of 2005… Then there are web hosting costs, the expense of funding a team of storm chasers for three seasons, all the photographic gear and technology required to maintain a portfolio of ‘evidence’ that is of broadcast quality.. plus the costs of publishing our paper “Electromagnetic Fields Recorded in a Mesocyclone” in the National Weather Digest Vol. 1 No 36.  The list is lengthy…

I have done nearly 300 radio, television, internet and print interviews covering this topic since October of 2004.  To say the least I am invested in its outcome!

I will be co-hosting a new weekly radio program which will begin airing Saturday evening November 29th and airing in the Denver Colorado market.  As I am able to ‘spill the beans’ about where and when, believe me, I will!

In an effort to recoup some of this past expense and cover a portion of my monthly recurring costs, I have begun some auctions on ebay.  As so often is the case in this materialistic, consumer oriented society, we purchase or contract for ‘things’ of dubious and of questionable long-term value.  Think of housing and stocks during this past decade.

Macroeconomics has been a LONG time passion of mine.

The global economy continues to have its wheels fall off one-by-one.. SO the value of ‘things’ will continue to be re-valued, even daily.  As we have seen recently it is most often downward in direction.

Silver is likely to be very different story.

http://www.investmentrarities.com/weeklycommentary.html   -- Ted Butlers most excellent commentaries on the precious metals markets.

For a time, ~2005-6, I had a paypal ‘donate’ button up.  Thanks for those that followed through!  However, this is a better deal for you and for me.  You get something that will be very valuable in the near future (silver bullion) as the fiscal course of this country is set regardless of the efforts of the ‘Obama Economic Team.’  And I get some financial assistance in furthering my weatherwars documentary and investing in the future of exposing this crime against Mankind and the Late Great Planet Earth.

So click on through and have a look at my eBay silver auctions and support the cause!

Watch a recent chemtrail video essay of mine over at youtube!

All the best and "Keep Looking Up!"  --Scott Stevens