Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Amerika Now

We've just had a "live-birth."

The broadcast media project that has been circling around me for the past 2-years has finally begun... It is in the form of a 3-hour radio program that will run, for now, a minimum of 5 days a week, and 7 days a week is becoming more likely as the product continues to evolve and mature.

Right now, myself, Scooter McGee and Barb, are the show's three co-hosts and can be heard from 9-Midnight MST on 1310am KFKA  Visit the home page of KFKA and hit the listen live link.   Weekend shows will air on 710am KNUS Denver, the time slot is in flux but is slated to be from 5-8pm Mountain.

Amerika Now will also be streamed live at  Joins us here and jump into the chat room so you can share your views and opinions of what's going on in today's world with all who have gathered together to share.

Come and join the nightly discussion with us.

As the workflow quickly matures from this project, mp3's of the nightly guests will be available here, and at within 18 hours of the shows end, and often times much quicker than even that.

Tonight's guest is Stanton Friedman famed UFO researcher.

--Scott Stevens


MantuanBard said...

That's great news Scott & Crew, looking forward to your shows, unfortunately missed last nights; coincidentally last week I just finished Stanton Friedman's new book "Flying Saucers and Science" 2008, it's a powerhouse/powerful work. Can't wait to hear him on your posted archives when they become available.


Red_Dog-BOM- said...

This is heresay, but I've been told if you want proof of weather manipulation use Google earth, and when you see a suspect storm, check the area over Gulkana AK to see if you can also find an anomoly