Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What is This?

Close-up of the character and its double.  Did this guy skip though time to leave a double exposure?

Contrast enhanced

The color Negative

The raw image

Almost daily I receive images/photographs sent to me for my opinion about: a)chemtrails b) odd cloud shapes or formations and c)orbs-ufo's or other odd aerial phenomena. This constitutes some 75% of the mail that reaches my in-box.  The legit mail that is... The blizzard of spam is just un-godly and I'm certain some necessary correspondence has been  lost in that unnecessary barrage of junk.

This photograph is quite unlike anything I've ever seen! I've had it for the better part of a year now and the location of the 'event-sighting' doesn't really matter because if 'it' can happen on one location here on Earth, then all locations may have already had this visitor.

For sometime now I've been operating under the assumption that the chemtrail program, in addition to the weather modification activities, plays an incremental part in the ongoing military 'interactions' with visitors from off world.

The ufo issue is no secret, the who and the why they are here, remain national security issues for dubious reasons.

Time and time again these chemtrails are seen and photographed with ufos/orbs and-or life forms aka 'critters' that take up residence in the atmosphere and/or in space as so often seen in NASA footage.

But this photograph is unique.  

This photograph's imagery harkens back, strongly, to Egyptian themes.    

But again, what sort of object (ship) in the sky is this?  

Are the 'Gods' of aeons past still with us, directing the major affairs of the world?

This point must be considered.

I am very interested in what a photoshop expert can tease out of the raw image.  I played with it a little, as you can see, but there are details that are yet to be revealed. 



Anonymous said...

I see a hunter/shaman, seen from above and to the right. He holds a spear with his left hand. The right hand holds the shank loosely, and there is a double image of the right hand.

He wears a fur over his head and back, with a tail or something visible at the left. In the head part of the fur are stuck some pointed objects...

Anonymous said...

I see the image too..and a very feminine face in the upper object. the hands are so clearly visible. Scott and any other members please feel free to visit us at


Anonymous said...

Hi Scott. Jeff from the UK. We have e-mailed a few times in the past (not for a while) and I've sent over many a chemtrail picture taken here in Blighty.

I was looking at the image and the first thing that came to mind was 'Project Blue Beam'. Have you ever come across this subject? It was removed from Wikipedia last year form some reason and is a subject surrounded in controversy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,
It looks like it was shot through a windshield, the double image could be from windshield wipers. Anyway, good work, I agree the ufo component needs serious attention.

Anonymous said...

due to the fractal nature of the anomaly i suspect it to be ice formation in mid air via the use of microwave cooling,the kind of thermal reduction used to reach near absolute zero.

i suspect such a process can be mimicked with scalar waves.

thought you may like this.

Anonymous said...


the two planar beam like phenomonon above the fractal formation could be a result of the coolant EM beams causing ice crystals to form along thier propagation.
one dimensional arrays are condusive to the formation of ice...

magnetic fields can be used to allign water molucles and accelerate hydrogen bonding,

"Liquid water is affected by magnetic fields [1522]. Water is diamagnetic and may be levitated in very high magnetic fields (10 T, compare Earth's magnetic field 50 μT) [170]. Lower, but still powerful, magnetic fields (0.2 T) have been shown, in simulations, to increase the number of monomer water molecules [192] but, rather surprisingly, they increase the tetrahedrality at the same time."

"The Third Law of Thermodynamics states that as the temperature of a pure substance moves toward absolute zero (the mathematically lowest temperature possible) its entropy, or the disorderly behavior of its molecules, also approaches zero. The molecules should line up in an orderly fashion.

Ice seems to be the exception to that rule. While the oxygen atoms in ice freeze into an ordered crystalline structure, its hydrogen atoms do not."

thus it can be seen that magnetic fields accelerate hydrogen bonding thus are an accelerant in the crystalisation of water....

as we know scalar waves have a strong magnetic compenent,so perhaps its possible to form ice formations in the atmosphere with strong magnetic fields?.

what is the exif data of the photograph?.

whens your website coming back on line,im sick of all the disinfo website everywhere and ive got so much to talk about!....even clifford carnicoms gone oddly quiet nowadays....

Anonymous said...

and as the jig fits the saw heres what a planar wave looks like

kinda fits the bill?,especially if planar scalar waves can be formed....

Anonymous said...

I experimented with the raw picture, too, zoomed in to see if 'painted' in there- didn't appear so, contrast, invert colors, hi/lo gamma, contrast, etc. "Spooky" was my first impression.
I, too, see the hunter/shaman figure, but I am most puzzled by the rectangular 'plates' at the top. Especially under the contrast enhanced they really stand out like old-fashioned flash plates. Coupled with the windshield idea, I can't hope but wonder, and hope it is, just a reflection from inside someone's car of a figurine like a HUD on the windshield. Project Blue Beam is a very alarming possibility though as this might be a test. Coupled with the SOHO project pictures, this character would be about the right size though and carrying one of the 'rods.' We have an interesting future ahead.
Jeff, KS

Anonymous said...

PROJECT BLUE BEAM IS A GO.....LOOK IT UP.....http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_bluebeam12.htm

scalar technology at its best...

Scott Stevens said...

If any photoshop guys want the raw 3072x2304 jpeg image mailed to you just drop me a note.

But, I'd ask that you share your findings and some of your better excerpts of this image with the rest of us here.

I lost a notebook hard drive last winter, and the email that contained this image.. The reader who mailed this to me did so Feb 10th 2008, this person had stated that it was taken the weekend prior. He did say that he got out of his car and took this solitary image and did not see the anomaly until looking a the photo later when back home.

Anonymous said...

Well no matter how this occurred or how it was done please look at the following image carefully and compare all the features with those shown in the so-called "projected" image -


The similarities are simply too many for it not to be an image of this character imho! Please consider the fact that even IF it is a projected image of some kind then the source most probably is somebody messing around with an image of good old Predator!

Anonymous said...

I worked on the raw image in PaintShop. I use the paintbrush to remove the 'double up' parts around the 'being'.

I was alerted to this image via discussion on another site (http://www.mysteriousnewzealand.co.nz/forums/viewtopic.php?p=8145#8145). I posted my 'after' image and some members alluded to the Preditor - uncanny, but a very similar look, I kid you not.

'after' image here:

Anonymous said...

Regarding your hard drive crash:

I believe you're a Mac guy, as am I. I rescued a colleague's MacBook Pro hard drive by putting it in an external enclosure and attaching it to another Mac. A couple of passes with TechTool Pro mounted the drive and accessed the data, and I was able to clone it.

The "bad" drive in the enclosure still works!

Anonymous said...

given the link i posted above regardingf magnetic fields and water crystalization.....i think its a distinct possibility strong magnetic fields can be used to condense water vapor to form clouds......scalar waves are capable of intense magntic fields.
so perhaps this is one mechanism by which scalar waves are being used to form clouds thus rain?.

there is also the ability to manipulate the magnetosphere with radiowaves and form magnetic vortexes that are capable of reacing the earths surface....with radiowaves that generate such standing alfven vortexes,one can use the magnetosphere to manipulate weather.

scott you need a forum,ive got a lot to say!
why not set one up on proboards?

Anonymous said...

Predator standing in front of what looks like WTC twin towers.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone here ever tried Orgone / Orgonite to bust up the chem-trails? There are many message boards on how to go about this, and from my limited experience, it certainly does work.

Anonymous said...

Today while driving back to San Felipe, Baja CA Norte, Mexico, I witnessed a massive area being covered with Chem Trails. At first I thought it was clouds streaked across the sky, then realized I saw a small, narrow trail of white and realized it was from an aircraft. There were at least two in similar areas at the same time, and they seemed to be moving in straight lines, then when they got to a certain point, looped in a circular direction and headed the opposite way.
The sky was literally COVERED with these streaks. When I finally got home about 1 1/2 hours had passed by, with me watching this overhead spectacle with a ominous feeling of curiousity and dread. Who are these people doing this, I thought? Are they Americans or Mexicans, since it was overhead above large uninhabited areas over the desert.
As soon as I got home I grabbed my camera and BINGO - there was an aircraft overhead (very high up) and I got some clear as can be shots of it, with the mountain just next to the town of San Felipe in the background. I also took some of the streaks which were now somewhat dissapating from the air currents up in the sky. By nighttime, there was still evidence in the sky of some of the chemtrails that lingered in the sky. I first saw them around 11:15, but you could tell by the massive amounts of trails that they had been at it for a long time. The aircraft had very fast speeds as they would cover large areas quite rapidly. I had a very unsettled feeling after observing this clandestine activity going on right in the clear sight of many people down below. When I mentioned it to several people, they thought it was just clouds with some sort of weather pattern that caused the streaking. Now I clearly know that this is absolutely NOT how they are being formed. After watching it intently for such a long time while driving in the middle of "nowhere", I could see how intent and active this operation was being done to accomplish some purpose...Will we ever know?? I'd like to post some of the pictures with you-please tell me how to do it.
San Felipe