Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A New Radio Gig!

Have some radio show dates coming up, and shortly, an announcement of a ‘regular’ radio gig.

 Tonight, November 20th 2008, I will be on KFKA Listen live from the preceding link…  from 9pm till Midnight MST.

 The three of us, Scooter McGee, Barb Slusser, and myself will talk about the 14th Amendment, EM warfare, weather and mind control in the 21st Century.

 In tonight’s show we will announce our new weekly show…  Tune in!


Anonymous said...

Nov 19th was an interesting day....

Dissipation of contrails with a powerful microwave beam aligned behind aircraft engines is being touted as a possible solution to help address air transport's effects on the climate.

--Long time anonymous reader.

Gray Stroke said...

My apologies for asking if it's been addressed before but why did the web site get shut down?

I'm no fan of blogs. They are just one long page of posts that scrolls down ad finium......versus the fine storage of details within a web site.

thanks and keep up the work time is short indeed......