Thursday, November 06, 2008

A potent storm is rolling through the West. However, it is so hacked up with resonant wave patterns that it's just not coming together well.

Some chemtrails today, many more flown just not 'see able' from below the lowest deck of clouds.

Sufjan Stevens does the audio track for this Historic Day in America.


Anonymous said...

So... I see a couple of jets at 2:03 & 2:06. And a bunch of normal clouds?

horchatasend said...

Excited to see some fresh posts!
Thanks so much for your efforts Scott, I'm very much looking forward to your upcoming documentary.
Keep up the good work and let the truth be known!

xtravaned said...

Good job, this is the Sardinian situation (Italy)

Nuoro, Sardegna.

The sky is infected! Why?